Below is some information for you regarding new and important guidance from the US Department of Education on the need for comprehensive evaluation and appropriate treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  ASHA worked very closely with the Department to obtain this guidance. The Department sent this to all state special education directors and Part C coordinators.

We want our members to have this information in hand when advocating for SLP services for children with ASD. Attached you’ll find background information for members, important actions that members can take, and talking points to use when discussing with supervisors.

ABA US Dept. of Ed Guidance Cover Letter.pdf

ASHA Press release on Dept. of Ed Guidance for Children with ASD.pdf

US Dept. of Ed Guidance letter on Services to ASD.pdf


The Department of Health has issued a proposed rule amending R414-1-5. Subsection 26-18-3(2)(a) requires the Medicaid program to implement policy through administrative rules. The Department, in order to draw down federal funds, must have an approved State Plan with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The purpose of this change, therefore, is to incorporate the most current Medicaid State Plan by reference and to implement by rule ongoing Medicaid policy.


Children’s Hearing Aid Program

Utah State Bulletin

The Department of Health has issued a proposed rule amending R398-3. The purpose of this filing is to update the rule from changes of the program going from a pilot program to a full program and includes minor administrative corrections.