Executive Staff and Committees

Executive Staff

The Governing Board consists of the President, the First President-Elect, the Past President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and the NSSLHA State Representative

Current Executive Staff

President: Eric Dutson
Contact: president@ushaonline.net

First President Elect: Maria Hawley
Contact: maria.d.hawley@gmail.com
Past President: 
Treasurer: Enoch Cox
Secretary: Julia Lidgard
NSSLHA State Representative: Sage Bell

Executive Staff Responsibilities

The USHA President is the chief executive officer of the organization and the term of office is for one year. The President has the duty and the necessary and proper powers to implement the Bylaws and to conduct the affairs of USHA. The President coordinates the activities of the First President-elect,  Treasurer, Secretary, and Past President. The President presides at all meetings. In addition, the president is responsible for the activities of the Legislative Matters Committee.

First President Elect
The First President-elect is responsible for the activities of the Professional Development Committee. The term of office is for one year.

The Treasurer is responsible for the maintenance of adequate books of account for USHA and is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all USHA funds. The Treasurer is appointed by the President. The term of office is for three years.

The Secretary is responsible for records of all proceedings of the executive council meetings, sees that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws or as required by law; and is the custodian of the Corporate records. The Secretary is appointed by the President. The term of office is for three years.


USHA has the following committees: ASHA Advisory Council, Legislative Matters, Membership and Recruitment, Nominations, Professional Development, and Public Relations. 

Current Committee Chairs and Members

ASHA Advisory Council Members: TBA  

Legislative Matters Chairs: Bridgette Higgins
Contact: bridgettehiggins@gmail.com

Julia Ellerston (Medial Aspects)
Contact: julia.ellerston@gmail.com
Legislative Matters Committee Members:
Esperanza Pacejka

Marketing Chair: Matt Parsons
Contact: matt@dexpertsofthewest.com
Marketing Committee Members:

Membership and Recruitment Chair: Cheryl Winfree
Contact: cheryl.winfree@nebo.edu
Membership and Recruitment Committee Members:
Rachel Watts
Aimee Francis (volunteer co-ordinator)

Nominations Chair: open

Professional Development Chairs:
Jo Naylor (ASHA CEU Coordinator)
Contact: USHACEUS@gmail.com
Robert Kraemer (Conference Program)
Contact: robert.kraemer.hsc.utah.edu
Doug Petersen (Conference Program)
Contact: dpeter39@byu.edu 
SEAL: Lindsey Meyers (School Aspects)
Contact: usha.lindseymeyers@gmail.com
Professional Development Committee Members:
Quinn Card  quincard@msrwest.com
Lee Robinson  lee_robinson@byu.edu

Public Relations Chair: Brett Myers
Contact: media@ushaonline.net

Committee Responsibilities

ASHA Advisory Council Members (Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology)

  • The Audiology Advisory Council and Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Council are charged with identifying, discussing, and ranking issues of concern to members and advising the Board of Directors on issues for consideration as the Association engages in strategic or forward thinking.
  • Each Advisory Council is comprised of 53 members from each state, the District of Columbia, International constituency, and NSSLHA. Members of the Advisory Councils are elected by ASHA members in their state and profession.

Legislative Matters Committee

  • Educates members of the Legislature regarding general and specific issues of concern to the speech-language-hearing profession.
  • Monitors and addresses legislation which impacts the speech-language-hearing profession throughout the year.
  • Attends public hearings related to issues concerning the speech-language-hearing profession and, if necessary, arranges to have a speaker at these hearings to represent USHA.
  • Serves as a liaison to other allied health and educational agencies to support legislation that is mutually beneficial.
  • Maintains contact with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Board (DOPL) for speech-language pathologists and audiologists, and stays aware of any licensing issues that require legislative change.

Click here to find out your State legislative representative.

Marketing Committee

  • Promotes the interests of USHA, which shall include (but is not limited to) soliciting contributions and donations, soliciting sponsors and coordinating vendors for the conference.

Membership & Recruitment Committee

  • Receives and processes all applications for membership.
  • Maintains current and accurate records of the membership
  • Helps recruit new members

Nominations Committee

  • Provides nominees to the membership for choosing recipients for the Kleffner, DiCarlo, and Van Hattum Awards, USHA Outstanding Contribution and Friend of the Association Awards.
  • The Past President chairs the committee. The committee is made up of four members, elected at the Spring General Business Meeting and serve for a period of one year.

Professional Development Committee

  • Pursues avenues in which professionals in speech-language pathology and audiology may engage in continuing education for professional growth.
  • Promotes professional development of members by encouraging collaboration in professional areas such as supervision, specialty certification, public school, private practice, and clinic issues.
  • Develops and presents to the members, suggestions for implementing policies and practices concerned with issues affecting the speech-language pathologists and audiologists in all employment settings.
  • Acts as professional grievance committee empowered to hear grievances as a body and makes recommendations to the Governing Board.
  • Hears matters of professional interest regarding relationships, ethics, conduct, standards, and the well-being of USHA.
  • Works to promote continued educational opportunities to individuals serving the needs of those with communication impairments, coordinate education with other state agencies and professionals, and collaborate in training efforts to address the varied needs and interests of the USHA members.
  • Plans and provides programs for the annual spring conference, including arranging topics, speakers, and event planning.

Professional Development: ASHA CEU Coordinator

  • Oversees USHA’s program planning, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Serves as the sole liaison between USHA and the ASHA Continuing Education Board.
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of the Program Committee and the Professional Development Committee to assist with the planning and implementation of Continuing Education (CE) activities to meet all ASHA Continuing Education Board guidelines and requirements.
  • Prepares and submits all required forms and documentation to ASHA for each USHA sponsored continuing education activity, including Cooperative Offerings and Independent Studies.
  • Provides and collects the participant forms at the CE activities, answers CE questions, and submits participant forms with the Activity Report Form to ASHA following each activity.

Professional Development: State Education Advocacy Leader

  • Serves in the capacity of ad hoc member on the Professional Matters Committee of the State Association.The SEAL does not carry a vote on the state executive board in regards to policymaking or professional issues.
  • Acts as an advocate for the delivery of speech-language pathology and audiology services in the school settings.You may refer to the ASHA SEALS manual for additional information.

Public Relations Committee

  • Initiates, facilitates, and coordinates communication and public relations efforts within the membership of USHA and between USHA and the community.
  • Maintains contacts and shares information with persons and organizations interested in the disorders of speech, language, and hearing.
  • Speaks and acts regarding matters of corporation policy and professional concern.
  • Performs day-to-day site maintenance on the website, sets organization standards for design, performs navigation and browser compatibility, and performs quality-control for third party content.
  • Answers general questions of members and others who contact USHA through the website.
  • Disseminates professional questions to appropriate Executive Board Committees.